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Leap Year – Here’s our LEAP Day workout

Here’s what we did today for the LEAP Day workout….
Everything (full body)
Pulse (cardio)
I have 5 exercises in each category of the LEAP workout.
Each exercise is 29 reps (the 29th today), each category has 2 rounds (for the 2nd month February).
Now just put together the exercises you want to use in the format…. HAVE FUN!! Wacky Wednesdays Leap Year Workout!!! 

What we did.


  1. Squats
  2. Lunge-right leg
  3. Lunge-left leg
  4. Calf raises
  5. Plie squat


  1. Shoulder press with squat
  2. Wood chops with dumbbell-right side
  3. Wood chops with dumbbell-left side
  4. Dumbbell straight up to the sky & squat down low
  5. Push Ups


  1. Bicycle
  2. Backward pedaling sitting up
  3. Flutter kicks (scissors)
  4. Reverse crunches
  5. Russian twists


  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Jump rope
  3. Cross country skiers
  4. Skaters-right leg
  5. Skaters-left leg

1 hour =2 rounds & 30 minutes=1 round